Highway Transportation Policy

Customer Requested or Dispatched Motor Carriers (Including Private Fleets)


Consistent with Axiall’s commitment to the guiding principles of Responsible Care® and the Distribution Code of Management Practices, this document sets forth Axiall’s Highway Transportation Policy on Customer Dispatched Motor Carriage and Customer Requested Routings. In order to maintain high standards of safety and environmental protection on motor carriage that is dispatched by the customer or routed with the customer’s requested carrier, Axiall’s policy holds such carriers to specific requirements. In the case of certain products that require special handling or have been designated "high risk" hazards, carriage may be restricted to specific carriers selected and routed by Axiall.

Axiall is committed to making the approval of customer requested or dispatched motor carriers (including those operated as private fleets) as prompt and convenient as possible. The customer can help by providing timely and accurate information about each carrier and/or there private fleet, and by limiting the number of carriers hauling Axiall products from our facilities. This will assist our efforts to continue to provide the high level of quality performance you have been receiving.

Policy Requirements
1. All shipments involving customer dispatched motor carriers will be freight collect to the customer. The customer is responsible for dispatching the carrier as a customer "Pick-Up" or "Will Call." The customer will be responsible to file all loss and damage claims, and to follow up on other service-related activities.
It is the practice of Axiall to route all prepaid shipments with "core" carriers that have been selected and approved by Axiall. Therefore, all customer requested carrier routings will be shipped freight collect to the customer unless prior approval has been obtained from Axiall.

2. All carriers must:

a) Meet the minimum safety requirements of a "Satisfactory" safety rating from the DOT
b) Keep in force proper insurance levels as specified by law
c) Have legal operating authority
d) Have hazardous materials Certificate of Registration if any part of the shipment is regulated by the DOT

At the time of order placement on customer dispatched shipments, the customer must advise Axiall Customer Service that the shipment will be a customer "Pick-Up" or "Will Call," and the customer must provide the name and phone number of the carrier and any other appropriate carrier identification information such as the MC or DOT registration number, or the carrier’s four-digit alpha code. It is necessary to provide our customer service representatives with information about the motor carrier taking the shipment so that our approved carrier list may be updated. If the carrier is not already on Axiall’s list of approved carriers, Axiall will obtain the necessary information for approval from the carrier. If the carrier is not known at the time of order placement, carrier information must be provided 24 hours prior to shipment.

The same information must be provided on orders to be shipped via customer requested carriers.

3. All carriers must meet the ship point/product specific loading requirements established by the plant, warehouse, or terminal. Drivers must follow all facility safety rules. Vehicles used for transport must meet the equipment specifications and DOT requirements of the product being transported. Tank wagons must be clean, dry, and odor free unless prior approval has been obtained from a Axiall product manager which allows for top loading residue of the same product. Axiall will not load any carrier’s vehicle if, in Axiall’s opinion, the vehicle is not safe for transport.

4. If a carrier is not approved because it does not meet Axiall’s policy requirements, Axiall will make every effort to approve another carrier named by the customer or arrange for shipment with a carrier which does meet Axiall's policy requirements.

5. Axiall (formerly PPG Chlor-Alkali and Derivatives) has enforced a "no broker" policy since 1988. Customers are therefore required to restrict their use of transportation brokerage on Axiall shipments.

By following Axiall policies on customer dispatched motor carriage and customer requested routings, and by limiting the number of carriers used to ship product from Axiall facilities, you will help Axiall achieve our mutual goal of safe and environmentally sound transport of all Axiall products.


Should there be any questions, please contact your Axiall sales or customer service representative.