Challenger Glass-Faced Cockpit Windshield 

Challenger Glass-Faced Cockpit Windshield

Next Generation Composite Cockpit Windshields

New window provides longer service life
  Glass faceply couples toughness and durability
   Acrylic plies and structurally loaded design keep it lightweight

  Composite design combines toughness and chemical resistance properties of glass with the weight-saving benefits of acrylic
  Structurally loaded windows contribute to overall aircraft weight savings
  Boeing's technology choice for the 787 Dreamliner
  Curved window increases aerodynamics and strength; reduces noise in the cockpit
  FAA Certified

CHALLENGER 600 - Main Windshield - Cross Section

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International Sales & Customer Service
+ 1 (972) 586-1985

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Challenger 600 Series Cockpit and Passenger-Cabin Windows

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