A family of state-of-the art weldable primers designed to fit current assembly operations, while providing improved corrosion protection for hem flanges, box cavities and other "hard to reach areas."

Benefits include:

  • Improved overall corrosion performance
  • Facilitate forming of metal substrates
  • Improve glue adhesion by creating a more uniform bond surface
  • Offers the potential to reduce steps in manufacturing process
  • Formulations available for bake hardenable steel and aluminum

Bonazinc allows automotive manufacturers to furnish their customers with premium quality, cost efficient environmentally friendly vehicles providing longer service life.

Bonazinc Qualification Procedure

In an effort to insure the proper application and performance of Bonazinc® coated steel products, PPG requires that all prospective coil coaters, desiring to apply Bonazinc® for commercial body panel application, conduct trials and receive approval from PPG.

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