In 2002, PPG introduced the first scratch resistant clearcoat to the automotive marketplace. Since then, scratch resistant clearcoats have rapidly become the standard in the automotive industry.

PPG leads the market in offering a variety of scratch resistant clearcoat technologies that not only meet the rigorous requirements of automotive manufacturing facilities worldwide, but also help vehicles retain a showroom-like finish for a longer period of time. The result: greater satisfaction with consumers, as they enjoy the look of their vehicles for a longer period of time.


CeramiClear Clearcoat

PPG's CeramiClear® clearcoat was the first clearcoat to use nanoparticle technology to achieve a previously unattained level of scratch, mar, and etch resistance. This patented technology creates a hard, silica-like surface that provides superior resistance to damage caused by day-to-day use, car washes, and environmental hazards such as acid rain and tree sap. While this technology is currently employed as a two-component liquid clearcoat, PPG is very close to commercializing a one-component version for use in automotive assembly plants.

Scratch Resistant Powder Clearcoat

With automakers striving to incorporate more environmentally-friendly solutions in the manufacture of automobiles, the use of powder coatings in lieu of traditional liquid coatings has become increasingly prevalent since they contain no volatile organic compounds. Accordingly, PPG has developed a powder clearcoat with a level of scratch, mar, and etch resistance that is nearly on par with the industry's top of the line liquid clearcoats. Launched in 2006, PPG's scratch resistant powder clearcoat utilizes a Mar Enhancement Additive that increases the scratch resistance of powder clearcoats five-fold.

Self-Healing Clearcoats and UV Cure Technologies

PPG is continuing to lead the way in scratch resistant clearcoat technology with active research and development projects in two new areas. First, PPG is working on a self-healing clearcoat that actually repairs scratches on heat activation. This technology will enable the clearcoat to reflow when it is exposed to warm temperatures in order to heal scratches arising from day-to-day use. In addition, PPG is developing a clearcoat that will utilize a UV cure, as opposed to a traditional oven bake cure, to achieve improved scratch and mar resistance.