Engineered Material Solutions

PPG’s Engineered Material Solutions (EMS) product line includes a variety of technologies for automotive paint and body shop applications: 

Acoustic Solutions

  • Audioguard® Acoustic Coatings
  • Audioshield™ Acoustic Antichip Coatings
  • Accufoam™ Acoustic Polyurethane Foams

Specialty PVC Chemistries

  • Hem and seam sealants
  • Antichip coatings
  • Underbody coatings

Structural Reinforcement

  • Accufoam™ Structural Polyurethane Foam
  • High performance structural adhesives
  • BPR® Sprayable Body Panel Reinforcement


  • Standard adhesives 
  • Antiflutters
  • Gap fillers
  • Body shop sealants

All of PPG’s EMS products are designed to enhance vehicle performance and appearance. They are developed to meet demanding customer specific performance and application requirements.