Green Logic 

Green Logic Paint Detackifier 

Green Logic™ paint detackifier is a liquid, chitosan/aluminum salt-containing paint denaturant that provides an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional melamine-formaldehyde and acrylic acid-based chemistries. Paint denaturants, also referred to as “paint detackifiers,” are added to the water curtain circulating in down draft, water washed paint spray booths to render over-sprayed paint non-sticky.

In traditional automotive OEM wet paint spraying operations, only 50 to 80 percent of the paint is transferred to the vehicle, with the remaining 20 to 50 percent being carried away in the booth air stream and subsequently removed by the circulating water curtain. Paint denaturants are added to the water curtain to detackify, coagulate, and flocculate this over sprayed paint, allowing it to be removed from the water in either a continuous or batch process.

Most detackifier suppliers have been using melamine-formaldehyde based detackifiers, which necessarily contain small amounts of residual free formaldehyde. The acrylic acid-based group of paint denaturants is originally derived from ethylene and/or propylene produced during the petroleum cracking process and therefore relies on non-renewable, petroleum-based feed stocks.

Green Logic™ paint detackifier is unique in that its formula incorporates chitosan derived from crab, lobster, and shrimp shells, which are natural waste products of food production.  Green Logic™ paint detackifier has been singled out by OEM users as “best in class” and nominated for numerous environmental awards. This recognition has been driven by the performance gains realized not only in paint detackification, but also in the overall paint spray booth operation. The benefits to automotive manufacturers are greater ease of operation and overall system cost savings that are attributable to lower paint spray booth maintenance, ancillary chemical, wastewater treatment, and waste disposal costs. Moreover, the paint sludge generated from the use of Green Logic paint detackifier is more amenable to biodegradation.