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Frequently Asked Questions – ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval

Can I retrieve color formulas with my regular "flip" phone?

No. The software used to present the color information in a format that is easy to view and migrate from screen to screen requires the mobile device to have an intelligent processor (CPU or central processor unit) or almost PC-like functionality. "Non-intelligent" cell phones do not have the computing power, pixel width, or general screen space to view the information in a simple, easy form.

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What devices work?

Any mobile devices that have intelligent computing power with a keypad and internet connection capabilities, such as Blackberry® smart phones, Apple iPhone, and touch or PDA phone, will work with ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval.

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Can PPG supply me with the correct phone?

No. PPG is not in a position to offer for sale, nor support, any existing phone technology used with this color retrieval method.

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How do I get access to the application to use with my PDA?

First, you need to be a registered user of PPG Online Color Formulations or Nexa Autocolor Online Color Formulations. Once you have your email and password, simply type the following URL into your mobile phone:

  • PPG Users: https://buyat.ppg.com/colormobile/ppgna
  • Nexa Autocolor Users: https://buyat.ppg.com/colormobile/nexa

When the page loads, enter your email and password to begin using ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval.

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How do I get internet connectivity for my device?

Contact your mobile phone provider to add internet or web service to your device. PPG is not responsible for any fees or service charges incurred with mobile phone internet connectivity.

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What color information is available with ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval?

By using ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval, you will have access to the latest color formulations 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. All prime and agreed variant formulas can be retrieved with ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval. Specials and any historic formulations are not available.

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How do I set up my default preferences for ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval?

Go to the Online Color Formulations color retrieval system to select default paint system settings and volume quantities. All changes made on that system will transfer to ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval.

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Can I print a color formula?

No. ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval does not have the capability to link your mobile device to any peripheral equipment, such as paper printers, label printers, fax machines or mixing equipment.

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What can I do if I have a question?

Please refer to the ColorMobile™ Online Retrieval user guide for all detailed information.

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