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Frequently Asked Questions – Paint Shop Interface Tool (ROCO)

What is the Paint Shop Interface?

PPG’s paint shop interface allows the PaintManager™ color retrieval software program to work with today’s popular body shop management systems to enhance the sharing of critical information between the front office and the paint operation.

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What is ROCO?

ROCO, or Repair Ordering COsting, is the PPG developed software tool that enables the computer-based communication between Body Shop Management Systems (BSMS) and the PPG PaintManager™ software. ROCO populates the PaintManager™ software with Repair Order (RO) information automatically.

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Why would I use the Paint Shop Interface?

Using the paint shop interface a collision center can track all paint and materials product consumed against the correct repair order, making it easier to evaluate materials usage and financial performance. And since repair order and estimate information is automatically transferred to PaintManager™ from your body shop management system, technicians are assured of having up-to-date information on every repair—eliminating the inefficiencies of having to re-key data.

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What type of information is transferred?

Typical Repair Order data includes:

  • Repair Order Number
  • Customer Name
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model, VIN
  • Refinish Hours
  • OEM Color Code

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Is ROCO’s data transfer secure?

Yes, the data transfer is secure. For many management systems the data is simply transferred from the management system in the collision center to the PaintManager™ computer in the shop, and remains at that location. In other cases, where the management system is run over the internet, the data is transferred by ROCO with full encryption and security.

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How does this interface work?

After the interface has been established between the Body Shop Management System (BSMS) and the PPG PaintManager™ software, repair order information will automatically transfer from the BSMS to PaintManager™ on an hourly basis. This timing can be configured. The paint technician will be able to access all transferred ROs via the PaintManager™ Production Management screen. When a vehicle has been repaired and delivered, and the RO has been closed in the management system, the RO will be removed automatically from the Production Management view.

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Do I need a network connection to operate ROCO?

Yes. Before the Body Shop Management System can transfer data automatically to the PaintManager™ software, the mixing computer (TouchMix™ hardware) must be on the shop network. ( View guidelines for Simplifying Your PaintManager™ Network )

A PPG HelpDesk or Field Support technician will assist in configuring the Body Shop Management System to the PPG PaintManager™ Program Software. Contact the PPG Computer Support HelpDesk at 1-800-647-6050.

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What are the benefits of using ROCO?

The advantage of interfacing your Body Shop Management System to PPG’s PaintManager™ software is the ability to get a better understanding of a collision shop’s financial and operational performance. By utilizing the Repair Order data and tracking all mixing operations through PaintManager™ Production Management, a shop manager will have the ability to monitor and manage the productivity and efficiency of their collision center operation. Two key reports generated from the PaintManager™ reporting utility, Report Viewer, include Repair Order Invoice and Paint & Materials Gross Profit. Other benefits include reviewing a paint technician’s Mix Accuracy to offer coaching and training if waste is an issue. There are opportunities with these reports to engage the entire operation in workflow improvements and generate streamlined processes.

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What Body Shop Management Systems can be interfaced with ROCO?

PPG developed an open interface solution which allows a greater reach into the pool of BSMS vendors. Currently PPG is actively working with the following management systems. Please note that we are continuously adding systems on a regular basis. (For our current list of interface partners, go to the PaintManager™ Support Page). If your system is not included in the list below, please contact the PPG Computer Support HelpDesk and they will initiate a request to the development team. PPG is always interested in adding new management system vendors to the paint shop interface.

  • ABW Tracker™
  • Auto Claim Solutions Repair Tracker Interactive (RTI)™
  • CCT’s CC3
  • Mitchell® ABS™ Enterprise
  • New Era iAutoFocus™
  • NEXSYIS® NEXconnex™
  • Rome Technologies CompleteShop™
  • Summit™ Shop Management System

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Which Body Shop Management System does PPG recommend?

PPG is solely an interface partner and does not recommend one system over another. We suggest you contact the BSMS vendors directly to set up a demo. Links to our current partners are available on the PaintManager™ Support Page.

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Does the Paint Shop Interface Tool allow the transfer of mix data from PaintManager™ to my management system?

Yes, some of our management system partners have added the ability to load mix data, such as costs and component volumes, into their system in order to allow the use of actual mix costs, as opposed to a general estimate, within the management system.

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Who do I contact if I have problems with the Paint Shop Interface or ROCO?

Contact the PPG Computer Support Helpdesk at 1-800-647-6050.

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