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RapidMatch™ X-5 Spectrophotometer

Five angles of color working for you!

PPG is proud to be the only paint supplier to the Refinish industry to provide state of the art measurement technology for commercial use. PPG’s new spectrophotometer platform will now be named – RapidMatch™.

The current Prophet® II spectrophotometer will now be branded as RapidMatch™ X-5. Both the RapidMatch™ X-5 and Prophet® II units are equally compatible with the TouchMix® Paint Manager™ program software.

Since the introduction of the Prophet® II device in 2004 – PPG’s color database has been built on five angles of color information. The Prophet® II device has been re-named to RapidMatch™ X-5 to showcase it’s exceptional ability to precisely read difficult colors and quickly find an accurate match.

The instrument is the same – user friendly with an ergonomic design that facilitates fast, accurate readings. The advanced optics are the same – exceptional ability to precisely measure a vehicle’s color from five reflective angles.

So what’s new – the name – RapidMatch™ X-5. The attached User Guide has information that will assist you with the day to day instrument operation.