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Top 10 Benefits for Fleet Maintenance Centers

  1. Specifically Designed for Heavy Duty Repairs
    AdjustRite® software is a tool specifically designed and built for the heavy-duty truck repair market—it’s not a modified version of another system.
  2. Fair and accurate estimating
    AdjustRite® software is the only fleet repair system that takes into consideration the repair process as well as the required parts and labor. The result is fair and accurate estimating.
  3. Simple to use
    Customers will be amazed at how easy it is to create accurate, professional estimates. All you need is a computer and access to the internet. The streamlined system guides users through an intuitive, step-by-step process with “point and click” ease.
  4. Excellent training tool for new estimators
    AdjustRite® software is an excellent, step-by-step training tool for new estimators—and a great way to teach other employees how to create accurate repair information. Conveying a professional image to customers and insurers is key to business success.
  5. Professional reports
    AdjustRite® software prints professional-looking reports that are clean, well-organized and accurate. Photos can easily be inserted into the estimate, which can be e-mailed with the click of a button.
  6. Automated proprietary logic
    With its innovative, proprietary logic, no other estimating system takes into account actual OEM parts information and real-time repair data, and also adds in often-forgotten items. AdjustRite® software automatically calculates supplies and overlap. This logic sets the AdjustRite system apart from all other systems.
  7. Easy access customer database
    Estimate and repair information is stored in one central, easy-access area—no more fumbling through files or trying to locate misplaced information! Stores customer and insurance company profiles and photos, too.
  8. OEM parts information
    The AdjustRite® system contains authentic, detailed parts information from major OEM models, and this data is updated often as our database grows. This is an industry first!
  9. Streamlines work orders and parts lists
    AdjustRite® software easily generates additional worksheets, such as work orders and parts lists, to help streamline and organize the entire repair process from beginning to end.
  10. Reduces errors, improves productivity
    With “point and click” ease, the AdjustRite® system’s automated features dramatically reduce the time it takes to write a professional estimate—helping to reduce the chances of error while improving overall shop cycle time and productivity. Spend valuable time on the actual repair job, not estimating!