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Aquacron® water-based coatings

Aquacron® water-based technology is PPG Commercial Coatings' latest alkyd and acrylic product offering for the industrial market. Aquacron products provide several performance advantages such as a very fast dry, excellent adhesion properties, early water resistance, and direct-to-metal options for interior and exterior use. They can also be sprayed through a variety of equipment (e.g. HVLP, airless, air-assisted airless, conventional, and electrostatic). While the alkyd and acrylic topcoats are available in a set of core, factory-packaged colors, they can also be custom tinted to meet your specific requirements.

Include Aquacron primers and topcoats in your portfolio to help target new market opportunities—example applications include trailers, agricultural and construction, general metal opportunities, refurbished furniture, shelving and store fixtures, and wherever end-customers demand water-based solutions.

Aquacron products are included in the  CPC Product Listing . The factory-packaged topcoats and primer product codes are also listed here for your convenience.

W/R Alkyd Primer Factory Pack Color WB Acrylic Primer Factory Pack Color
MV477-9303 Gray MV390-9300 Gray
W/R Alkyd Topcoats Factory Pack Color WB Acrylic Topcoats Factory Pack Color
MV488-1 White MV380-1 White
MV488-9 Black MV380-9 Black
MV488-91 Medium Gray MV380-91 Medium Gray
MV488-92 Light Gray MV380-92 Light Gray
Custom colors available in each topcoat.

  • Very fast dry for increased productivity
  • Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Good hardness development (especially with the MV380 series acrylic topcoat)
  • Primers that offer excellent corrosion protection
  • Primers that can receive W/R topcoat same day
  • Can be thinned up to 10% with clean water
  • Wide range of custom color blends
  • Low VOC at 2.8 lbs/gal or less

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