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The driving force behind most coatings innovation today is the development of products that protect the environment without sacrificing overall coatings performance. Global manufacturers around the world rely on PPG coatings to make airplanes lighter, buildings cooler, cargo ships more fuel efficient, and wind turbines smoother and more aerodynamic.

PPG has been a global sustainability leader throughout its history.  Notable advances in the past 50 years encompass revolutionary electrocoat technologies that have nearly eliminated car rust and ULTRAX low-temperature immersion cleaners, which reduce energy and water use in coating facilities while creating safer working environments by eliminating exposure to hot chemicals.

PPG also developed award-winning Zircobond pretreatment products that remove hazardous air pollutants, toxic sludge and other harmful waste from numerous industrial coating processes, as well as ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing for industrial applications, Duranar ULTRA-COOL coatings, which can help commercial buildings earn LEED certificationand Duranar powder coatings, which emit ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition to helping its customers protect the environment, PPG has established numerous corporate sustainability initiatives, including an aggressive, decade-long campaign to reduce its energy intensity by 25 percent. PPG continues to report its progress towards this and other sustainability goals on a biennial basis.



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