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On January 2, 2008, PPG Industries completed the acquisition of SigmaKalon Group, a worldwide coatings producer based in Uithoorn, Netherlands, from global private investment firm, Bain Capital. Read the Press Release.

With unparalleled levels of experience and expertise in coatings technology and many decades of international investment in research and development for the protective coatings market, no company could be better placed than PPG to meet the increasing global challenges of this fast-changing sector.

Integrating the SigmaKalon protective and marine product portfolio and business allows PPG to offer products manufactured to consistently high global standards, yet maintain the ability to modify products when necessary to comply with local regulations or circumstances. Our strategically located manufacturing plants around the world are supported by numerous storage depots to reduce transport costs and delivery times.

And, in markets which every year are subject to more environmental and legislative constraints and tougher economic challenges, we believe we have the products, attitudes and infrastructure in place that guarantee success for our customers and their projects, wherever in the world they may be.


Marine Coatings

Wherever ships are, our Sigma Coatings brand is present.
Our marine coatings bring unrivalled levels of experience and expertise in coatings technology to answer the ever changing needs of ship builders and maintenance yards.

Through an expanding global supply and distributor network, we provide unique technologies and coatings solutions that extend life, optimize performance, and enhance appearance. The quality of our relationships with key customers in this geographically mobile market is crucial: we understand the challenges they face and respond quickly with effective, economic solutions.

We work closely with our customers to develop advanced formulations that can be applied more easily, resist the elements better, and reduce overall environmental impact in compliance with both local and international standards.

Our marine coatings products are available worldwide, providing coatings for the protection of ocean going and coastal vessels. Some of our key products/systems renowned world wide and considered top in their class are:

Sigma AlphaGen
Sigma AquaCover
Sigma EcoFleet
Sigma NovaGuard
Sigma PhenGuard
Sigma Vikote

For more information about the Sigma Coatings brand for marine applications, please visit www.sigmacoatings.com/marine.


Protective Coatings

Products that guarantee success.
While Sigma Coatings' protective coatings have applications across a wide range of industrial sectors, there are specific areas in which we offer outstanding levels of technological expertise, product superiority and dedicated technical field support.

Oil and gas industry environments promote a variety of corrosion types. These environments can lead to expensive corrosion failures with associated downtime and costs. Sigma Coatings has developed a range of heavy-duty protective coatings and linings to protect against the majority of these types of corrosion.

Advanced Sigma epoxy tank-lining technology protects tanks from corrosion and aggressive chemicals and cargoes from contamination in storage.

Infrastructure & Transport is one of the most diversified markets in all respects and this is certainly true for protective coatings. Among the extensive list of steel- and concrete structures that need to be protected in this segment are bridges, tidal defense zones, port facility structures, water- and waste treatment plants, and steel building structures.

Sigma Coatings was one of the first coatings brands to develop products to meet the very specific needs of the power industry. We offer a full range of coating solutions, providing protection across all sectors within the Power Industry such as nuclear, wind power, and hydropower plants around the globe.

Extreme offshore climatic conditions are some of the harshest that any coating system will meet. Sigma Coatings' leading edge epoxy technology offers the powerful anti-corrosive coatings performance that such situations demand. Protective coatings for offshore structures can provide effective protection in sub-zero North Sea temperatures, or the heat and humidity of the Gulf.

Find more details about the Sigma Coatings portfolio of protective coatings at www.sigmacoatings.com/protective.