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PPG’s Global Protective Offering

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings’ Global Protective Offering is a list of performance-based protective coatings specifically selected to meet the fabrication or maintenance needs of major assets worldwide. Whether your asset is an offshore platform, FPSO, or power plant, PPG’s Global Protective Offering has the product for you, precisely where you need it.

Depending on which country or region you operate in, you may be familiar with either the AMERCOAT® or SIGMA COATINGS® brands. Therefore, PPG’s Global Protective Offering has been developed to ensure that your preferences are available in both ranges. This transparency of making you fully aware of both brands confirms that the quality and benefits of the products you want are available to you – no matter where you need them.

To match the defined performance requirements in all regions of the world, PPG’s Global Protective Offering complies with all the demanding coatings standards worldwide, such as NORSOK, ISO, or ASTM.

Link: PPG Global Protective Coatings brochure