Swift Atlanta and PPG TrueFinish® Industrial Coatings: A flourishing Partnership

Swift Atlanta, Inc., a premiere sheet metal fabricator based in Suwanee, Georgia that produces parts for telecommunications, electronics, kiosk enclosure and other technology oriented companies has grown along with PPG TrueFinish® Industrial Coatings to become quality leaders in their fields.

As a company that uses mostly powder coatings and requires a vast array of custom colors, Swift Atlanta was looking for a paint manufacturer that could satisfy their needs when a PPG TrueFinish Specialist found them.

Paint Line Manager of Swift Atlanta, Keith Wade, recalls that their sales representative “was very helpful in getting custom colors matched up,” and the quality of PPG TrueFinish products has enabled the partnership between the two to flourish.

“We use a wide range of products from liquid to powder and I’ve been impressed with every single one. Even if I have to pay more for them, they’re well worth it.”

Wade knows first hand that at PPG TrueFinish, with high quality, comes first rate service. He says that his sales representative always responds “expediently,” which enables him to stay on schedule with his customers.

“Sometimes I encounter situations when I need a specific powder that’s available somewhere else in the country. I just call up my sales rep – he can get a special finish for me located on the west coast and have it shipped here to Suwanee in 3-4 days.”

It’s this kind of response time that has helped strengthen customer relationships by enabling Swift Atlanta to enter the global market.

“Now we’re a player in the international market against Europe, China, and Mexico. Because PPG TrueFinish is able to deliver the product quickly, we can get it to our customers faster than our competitors can get it across the water. This enables us to not only compete against countries like China, but to win.”

As a division of PPG Industries, PPG TrueFinish has access to the resources and technology that a large global company provides, yet it continues to focus on customer relationships and quality service.

“For us, it’s not so much the PPG name, but the outstanding service we receive that really matters.”

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