PPG concrete etching compound provides more uniform etching capabilities than liquid etching products.

DuraPrep® 100 Concrete Etch (Gel)
DuraPrep™ Prep100
DuraPrep® Prep100 is a gelled concrete etch compound specially designed to provide a surface profile on green and mature concrete. The depth of the etching achieved with this product is the same as hydrochloric or muriatic acid with 80% less odor and a more uniform etch than liquid etch materials. Safer for use than hydrochloric or muriatic acid, the residue is easily removed by rinsing with water. The gelled form of Prep™ 100 provides easier neutralization and rinsing than liquid products since it does not highly penetrate into the concrete.
• Complies with ASTM D-4260 Method B
• Does not deeply penetrate concrete like liquids
• Will not affect surface pH when properly rinsed
• Easy to place and control gel
• No Fuming and low odor
• Water Based, Non Flammable
(Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)
• Easy clean up with soap and water or denatured alcohol
Green and Mature Concrete, Decorative Concrete Etching, Factory and Warehouse Floors, Concrete Stairways, Aircraft Hanger Floors, Tilt up Concrete, Exposed Vertical or Overhead Concrete, Masonry that needs to be etched, Will remove most concrete sealers while etching (test patch required)

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DuraPrep® Prep 220 Commercial Coating Remover (Gel)

Prep™ 220 is a low VOC, water-based paint remover that will effectively lift epoxies, urethanes, lead based architectural coatings, and powder coatings. Recommended for use on nearly all substrates including steel, aluminum, concrete, masonry, wood, (lead based paints) or in any area where worker safety or damage to delicate equipment may be a concern. Prep™ 220 contains no TAP’s or Hap’s, offers easy cleanup with soap and water or denatured alcohol.

• Water Based, Non Flammable
• Does not affect glass.
• Contains No TAP’s or HAP’s (Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)
• Easy clean up with soap & water or denatured alcohol
• Non-ozone depleting / Low odor
• Easily sprayed with standard equipment

Floor Coating Removal, Storage tanks, Bridges, Petrochem facilities, Removal of lead based paints, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing Facilities, Transportation or any area where abrasive blasting is not an option for environmental, economic or surface damage may be of concern.

Product data sheet                                    MSDS