PPG Paint Solidifier

PPG Paint Solidifier 
PPG Paint Solidifier offers an environmentally safe way to dispose of old latex paint. Using up all your paint is always the best option, but if this option is not available to you use PPG Paint Solidifier to dispose of your unused paint. Most landfills do not accept latex paint in a liquid form so save yourself time and money by simply adding this product to your paint. It is also great for quickly containing job site paint spills.

• One bag will harden up to 2/3 of a gallon of left over paint and one 30lb pail will harden approximately 107 gallons
• Non-regulated by the U.S. D.O.T.
• Easy to use
• Works in minutes
• Non-toxic
• Curb side disposal
• Environmentally sound

• Disposal of latex paint
• Disposal of any water-based product that otherwise is safe for disposal in a landfill, except for the fact that it is a liquid
• Spills of the above materials

Product data sheet                                    MSDS 

PPG Paint Solidifier can be purchased through our company owned paint stores or through our dealer network. Click here to locate the nearest store or dealer.