Renewable Energy 

As the world seeks sustainable power sources – solar, wind, water and others – technologies already exist to capture these energy sources.

Every year PPG invests in the energy market more than $300 million in research and development to ensure leadership position. The result is a steady stream of innovative products that deliver more efficient and economical ways to generate power from renewable and traditional energy resources.

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy is derived from sources such as sun, wind and falling water. These sources are available in an unlimited supply. PPG produces the fiber glass, glass and coatings used to manufacture and protect equipment that generates renewable engery sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels.

Wind Energy

PPG fiber glass used in turbine blades for the North American wind energy market delivers high value because of key properties such as strength, stiffness, thermal stability and corrosion resistance. PPG coatings can extend blade life and improve blade performance. They have been engineered for the environment and for process efficiency. Click here for a list of products.


PPG glass and coatings used in the manufacture of components of for reflector and photovoltaic panels improve the ability to capture solar energy efficiently for powering buildings and road signs or generating renewable energy. Click here for more.