Safety & Security

Our advanced Teslin synthetic printing sheet is tamper-resistant and tamper-evident, helping eliminate forged identity cards and documents that could compromise both your people and facilities. The material is also extremely durable and capable of multiple layers of advanced security. Look to PPG for documented safety and security solutions.

Documentation & Identification 
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Force Protection

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Structural Protection

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Physical Asset Protection

PPG offers a customizable range of integrated solutions that provides the government with advanced physical asset protection against evolving blast/multi-hazard threats.

PPG products are designed to work together to provide the government with a trusted source for blast mitigation and building hardening to resist the increasing terrorist threat that threatens our nation’s physical assets here and abroad. Solutions are applicable on both new construction and retrofit applications.

Security Glazings provide a combination of blast, ballistic, and intrusion protection. PPG and Sierracin Corporation, now a wholly owned business of PPG, have deep experience in transparency technologies for aircraft, rotorcraft, armored military vehicles, and other specialty applications requiring high performance and impact resistance. PPG glass coating technologies can also provide enhanced functionality to security glazings such as solar control, RF/IR attenuation, defrost technology, and color options for aesthetics.