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Charles F. Kahle

Charles F. Kahle II

Chief Technology Officer and Vice President,
Coatings Research and Development

Innovation backed by science.  Since its founding in 1883, PPG’ strategic focus on innovation and new technologies have been a hallmark of the company’s success, sustaining its long-standing tradition of developing leading-edge technologies, achieving the highest quality standards and meeting customers’ requirements.


Today, PPG is a global enterprise that remains firmly committed to the pillars of innovation and new technologies.  At the core of PPG's Blueprint strategy to accelerate profitable growth we state our commitment to drive innovation and new technologies that help us gain a competitive advantage.

PPG operates in every part of the world, with research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.  PPG produces thousands of diverse and distinct products, including coatings that protect cars from rust, chemicals that strengthen rubber and protect water supplies, paints that resist mildew and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), optical products that lighten and darken automatically, military applications for transparent armor, and fiber glass for alternative energy applications.  

Our advanced coatings technology as been recognized with prestigious R&D 100 Awards by R&D Magazine and includes:

  • Lead-free electrodeposition anti-corrosion primer for automobiles;
  • Duranar powder coatings that enable powder coatings to be economically produced in small batches, significantly reducing the material waste;
  • Green Logic paint detackifier to denature and remove over-sprayed paint from the water wash system in automotive paint spray booths;
  • Zircobond pretreatment technology that reduces energy and water consumption, and decreases sludge. 

For well over a century, PPG has been manufacturing technically advanced glass products for the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.  At our Glass Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., PPG continues to develop distinct products and patent processes that others thought impossible: 

  • In 1989, PPG introduced our Solextra® Glass, which was and still is the most efficient solar heat absorbing glass in the industry.
  • Sungate® coated glass pioneered the use of thin film technology in windshields - another industry first - which also lead to the development of an embeddd AM/FM antenna that was recognized as a major industrial innovation and received the coveted IR 100 Award.
  • PPG's glass composition and coatings technology provide architects with a full pallet of architectural glass products that improve building energy efficiency and aesthetics and include market-leading products such as Solarcool® Glass, Intercept® Insulating Glass Unit and most recently a low maintenance glass commercialized as SunClean® Glass for the residential market.

PPG’s commitment to innovation goes well beyond coatings and glass technology.  PPG is also a leading manufacturer of optical products and specialty materials: 

  • For more than six decades, lens wearers have relied on PPG’s patented CR-39® monomer that revolutionized the optical industry as the first plastic lens material introduced in 1945 and inspired a great deal of creativity and ingenuity, which led to many of the great plastic lens products available today.
  • Teslin® substrate products reflect PPG’s long history of enabling customer success through state-of-the-art, differentiated technology solutions, including technology-focused applications, such as e-Passports and radio frequency identification (RFID) cards and labels.

Looking ahead, PPG remains committed to making products that not only meet our customers' demanding requirements but also help to sustain a healthy global environment.  In response to the growing demand for products with energy or environmental attributes, PPG has developed a number of innovative sustainable solutions outlined in the most recent Corporate Sustainability Report.

I invite you to explore the pages of PPG’s Innovation web site to learn more about PPG technologies, products and our commitment to innovation.