We will become a stronger, more competitive company by fostering a climate that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce, thus realizing our full potential — not only as a company, but as individuals.

Research & Development Council

The R&D Diversity Council is composed of PPG employees at different levels of the organization from various functional areas with diverse backgrounds. The R&D Council Chair is Charles F. Kahle, PPG's Chief Technology Officer.

The R&D Diversity Council is a cooperative effort between the various R&D locations (Allison Park, Harmarville, Springdale, Shelby, Lexington and Monroeville), representing PPG's Coatings, Chemicals, Fiber Glass, and Glass businesses.

The R&D Council Mission

The goal of this council is to ensure an inclusive work place environment exists that maximizes the potential of all employees by fostering learning and development, addressing life issues and removing productivity barriers.

What is Diversity ?

Diversity as we define it means difference. Our premise is that differences in perspectives, experience, backgrounds, etc., offer benefits to the PPG team. Many believe that diversity only refers to race and gender, at PPG it refers to much more. While these are two very important aspects of diversity, there are many more ways in which we differ. We understand the potential for barriers between co-workers due to cultural, educational, functional, regional, or even style differences. The high school educated technician who is working on a project with the Ph.D. chemist, the production engineer who participates in a development project with the salesperson, the Taiwanese business manager who is transferred to a US facility — all of these are examples of dimensions that if not proactively addressed can result in communication problems, conflicts and other barriers that impact the organization's success. We refer to these as the Dimensions of Diversity. PPG realizes these dimensions make us individuals and allow us to make unique contributions to the success of the business. We work to ensure that Dimensions of Diversity do not become barriers between co-workers and understand that diversity among our employees is critical to the success of our organization.

The Diversity Dimensions are also ways in which we are the same. These similarities allow us to find common ground and enable us to work together effectively to meet the business goals. Successfully managing the diversity of PPG people results in increased creativity, better problem-solving, improved productivity, reduced interpersonal conflict and improved teamwork.