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PPG Scratch Resistant Clearcoats: The Future Looks Bright (and Glossy)

In 2002, PPG introduced the first scratch resistant clearcoat to the automotive marketplace. Since then, scratch resistant clearcoats have rapidly become the standard in the automotive industry.

PPG leads the market in offering a variety of scratch resistant clearcoat technologies that not only meet the rigorous requirements of automotive manufacturing facilities worldwide, but also help vehicles retain a showroom-like finish for a longer period of time. The result: greater satisfaction with consumers as they enjoy the look of their vehicles for a longer period of time.


Did You Know?

PPG, the world's leading maker of transportation coatings and a major global supplier of industrial and packaging coatings, flat and fabricated glass, continuous-strand fiber glass, and industrial and specialty chemicals. Our many PPG technologies have been recognized with prestigious R&D 100 Awards and recipients have included:

  • Lead-free electrodeposition anti-corrosion primer for automobiles.
  • Coated-glass auto windshield that does dual duty as a multi-purpose antenna

We are also the developers of Transitions® plastic photochromic eyewear lenses that automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. We developed a fiber glass yarn destined to revolutionize the manufacture of circuit boards for computers and other electronic devices. Examples of our continuing emphasis on developing high-technology products include:

  • Sunclean® Glass that cleans itself
  • CeramiClear™ automotive clearcoat developed using nanotechnology