"As a PPG Glass R&D Team member, I am committed to continually improving the performance of my responsibilities in the research, development, and commercialization of products, processes, and services, which customers will recognize as having superior value. We will efficiently drive technical programs and create value for our businesses and opportunities for our people."

Innovations introduced into commercialization recently include:

for the residential market and Solarban® 80 Glass, a higher level of solar-control reflective product for commercial trade. On the automotive side, windshields, sidelites and backlites for Mercedes, BMW, Daimler Chrysler and Ford launches are being fabricated. The procedure to flow-coat acrylic windows in aircraft with SolGard® Coating was developed and transferred to Ampaspace thus reducing fabrication cost.

Technology and innovation will continue to be the way to bring value to customers and growth to PPG as well as many Awards. Energy efficiency, speed to commercialization, aesthetics, manufacturing cost reduction and long-term performance are key to driving innovation.

Whether through internal research or through building alliances with strategic business partners, PPG will continue to be the leader in glass technology and the first to market new and leading edge products that allow our customers to differentiate their own product offerings.