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Cooking for Health

Proper nutrition and eating behaviors are essential to improving and maintaining health. Learn more about “Cooking for Health” by listening to a new series of webinars sponsored by PPG.

The webinars, based on the “Mediterranean Path to Wellness” program and led by Dr. Will Clower, are conducted every Wednesday through Oct. 26, 2011. It's 8 weeks that will teach you lessons that you and your family will use for the rest of your life. Healthy Cooking (Will Clower in the Kitchen): A Field Trip to the Grocery Store with Dr. Will Clower
Select a segment to learn more about making smart choices when grocery shopping. Choose video format. YouTube links cannot be accessed through the
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Produce Learn about organics versus conventional, and why locally grown is actually good for you. Run time: 02:34 Windows Media Player     |    
Breads How do you find good bread in a standard grocery store, and what do you look for to find out? Run time: 02:30 Windows Media Player     |    
Meats Find out whether hormones in your beef and chicken are a concern. Run time: 03:15 Windows Media Player     |    
Deli Sliced meats, nitrates, cancer, and the best kept secret in the entire grocery store. Run time: 02:58 Windows Media Player     |    
Dairy “Unscrambles the egg” and learn about low fat dairy, yogurts, and the issue of organic milk. Run time: 03:34 Windows Media Player     |    
Cereals Learn the very healthiest cereal in the entire section, and how to identify the good choices from the bad. Run time: 02:46 Windows Media Player     |    
Frozen Foods Find out whether frozen fruits and veggies are okay, and what NOT to get in this chilly section of the store. Run time: 02:35 Windows Media Player     |    
Canned Foods Canned foods MAY be good, but there is no guarantee. This segment shows you what to look for so you can make that determination yourself. Run time: 02:57 Windows Media Player     |    
Fish Is farm-raised fish ok? What about that mercury in the tuna? Find out how much you can eat before healthy fish becomes unhealthy. Run time: 03:00 Windows Media Player     |    
"It Takes Eight to Feel Great"

A component of the overarching “Mediterranean Path to Wellness” program (a key component to PPG’s “Growing Culture of Health” initiative), the webinar series features Dr. Will Clower discussing eight important eating behaviors.

PPG employees – and their family members – are strongly encouraged to invest the time to listen to this webinar series - it focuses on not WHAT to eat but HOW to eat.

The It Takes Eight to Feel Great wellness webinar series is available online - click any of the weekly links below to watch the hour-long episodes.
Wellness Absolutes

Health Screening

Your approach to health should be by the numbers-weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels and body mass index.

Knowing these and other important numbers, and doing what it takes to keep them within the appropriate range, is crucial to achieving and maintaining good health. Learn more about Health Screening - click here.


It's never too late to start exercising, especially since regular physical activity is an important component in healthy aging. Exercise at any age can improve the condition of certain diseases and, in some cases, even prevent them. Take a break and workout - click here to begin!