Healthy Rewards Program 2013 

Spouse Rule for Healthy Rewards 2013
For Option I and Option II: Spouses may complete instead of the Employee.

For Option III through Option VI: Spouses may complete one of the required choices.
Employee and Spouse can't complete same choice.

Option I: Know Your Numbers
Option I Submission Form & Instructions
Body Mass Index Table (BMI)

Option II: Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
Option II Submission Form & Instructions
Option III: Nutrition
Option III Submission Form & Instructions
Tracking Personal Nutrition Form
Healthy Focus Tracking Form
Approved Websites for Educational Article on Nutrition
RCU-Sponsored Nutrition Activity Participant Sign-In Sheet
Suggestions For RCU-Sponsored Nutrition Activity
Educational Articles

Option IV: Stress Management
Option IV Submission Form & Instructions
Personal Stress Management Form
Suggested RCU-Sponsored Stress Management Activities
Description of RCU-Sponsored Stress Management Activities
RCU-Sponsored Stress Management Activity Participant Sign-In Sheet
Blood Pressure Tracking Form
Stress Bingo Form
Stress Bingo Form (Excel)
Stress Resilience Corporate Video Series

Option V: Exercise
Option V Submission Form & Instructions
Personal Physical Activity Tracking Form
Control Body Mass Index (BMI) Tracking Form & Body Mass Index Table
Suggested RCU-Sponsored Exercise Activities
Description of RCU-Sponsored Exercise Activities
RCU-Sponsored Exercise Activity Participant Sign-In Sheet
Onsite PPG Fitness Tracking Form

Option VI: Health Screening
Option VI Submission Form & Instructions