The Private Sector: Be Well (07-10-2006) 

Too much focus on sickness, not enough on prevention leads to healthcare crisis

By Dr. Bruce S. Rabin

Dr. Rabin was recently a key note speaker at PPG's Lifestyle Partnership National Health and Wellness Summit.

Dr. Rabin argued that "Much attention has been paid in recent months to a 'health-care crisis' as the cost of quality health care continues to rise beyond inflationary levels, squeezing people out of health insurance altogether or reducing their benefits.

However, what seems to be lost in the debate about what to do about the crisis is, in my mind, a very simple solution." he said.

"With effective wellness programs embraced by all of us—including employers, health-care providers and insurance carriers—we can dramatically improve the health of our population, thus decreasing our reliance on an overburdened 'sick care' system."

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