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In an American Heart Association study on Obesity, it is noted that people have not just made the decision to eat more and move less; rather the sorrounding environment does not currently support healthy behaviors.
Men, especially black are prone to miss knowing their blood pressure
BERLIN (AFP) - Lighting up in bars and restaurants become illegal across Germany's 16 states beginning of July , spelling the end of the country's status as one of Europe's last smokers' havens.
Paraphrasing the famous comedian,Carlin, here are seven "dirty words" about heart disease.
This Paper provides areview of viable incentives campaigns that may be adopted locally to support your wellness strategies. Incentives are accelerators of change , but not a substitute for sound programs.
Massachusetts State takes action
A free report with tips on how to decrease stress.
A free report with tips on how to decrease stress.
Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and AARP Team to Help Adults Over 50 Stay Healthy On July 15, 2008 they released two new checklists designed to help men and women over the age of 50 learn what they can do to stay healthy and prevent disease.
Are you the Care giver for an elderly person? Do you want some talking points to encourage s senior relative or friend to exercise? Here is a good article to help you