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Cleared for Takeoff - Planes that fly lighter and look better.
Did you know that more commercial, military, and business aviation pilots fly behind PPG windshields than any other?

Planes that fly lighter, look better, and offer a flying experience that really transports us.

Today, it comes as no surprise that airlines are as interested in reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions as they are in branding the planes in their fleet.

At PPG, our lighter coatings and sealants significantly cut the weight of each aircraft, helping to cut aviation’s fuel consumption and saving real money each time the plane flies. And, in an important win for the environment, reduced fuel usage means a smaller carbon footprint—another important place where airlines are looking to make a difference.

Taking innovation and cost-saving options to new heights.

PPG products help to reduce costs and the carbon footprint while providing innovative options in coatings, sealants, transparencies, and color for the aviation industry. We’ve put advanced technology to work in a variety of ways. For example, our cockpit windows help improve safety by dramatically reducing glare and repelling rainwater. Our new electrochromic ALTEOS™ interactive window systems reduce cabin-cooling requirements while enhancing passenger comfort. We even supply fiber glass for lightweight composite parts.
At PPG, it is about considering our customers’ full range of aerospace needs—from safety to customer comfort to regulatory compliance. No detail goes unnoticed. For example, through forward thinking and innovation, we custom-make special caps for sealing fasteners on aircraft. Our PRC® seal caps, which come frozen, reduce process time and waste since technicians thaw only the number of caps needed.

Colors that soar; costs that don’t.

PPG’s advanced coatings technologies offer proven gloss and color retention, along with the ability to create custom color matches and special topcoat effects for varying needs. From a maintenance standpoint, PPG’s coatings systems allow carriers to easily update and change exterior branding in order to maintain the all-around aircraft appearance—without causing costly delays in upkeep. For example, our selectively strippable exterior coatings for aircrafts can shorten aircraft strip-and-repaint cycles by up to two days. We even offer eco-friendly paint removal and cleaning products, and chemical management services across the aerospace industry.

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ALTEOS Interactive Window System

Create the ultimate travel experience with Alteos™ Interactive Window Systems
  • Combines efficient performance with elegant styling
  • Reduced UV and IR transmission lowers aircraft heat load
  • Self-contained window systems with no moving parts, lighter weight

Watch Ryan Aspy, Market Development Manager describe the Alteos features at the NBAA (2009):

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