What makes people fall in love with their cars? For starters, color that captures their sense of style, individuality, and fun.

PPG’s dynamic colors help drive brand identity and consumer appeal. Automakers rely on our one-of-a-kind colors that are consistent across all their surfaces and from plant to plant. Professional refinishers look to us as the leader in recreating original colors to ensure a precise match every time. We’re also leading the way with advanced waterborne coatings for after-market color-match performance. To help increase vehicle fuel efficiency, we provide fiber glass for lightweight composite parts, silicas that reduce the rolling resistance of tires, coatings that reduce total vehicle weight, and lighter weight acoustic solutions.

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There's color, and then there's color that stops you in your tracks. We engineer the second kind.

Color that stops you in your tracks.For our partners in the automotive industry, PPG color helps make vehicles move off the showroom floor. Automakers rely on our tri-coat pearlescents, opalescent, and other special effects pigments and lustrous, on-trend palettes to create brand identity and add real value to vehicles. They also count on our consistency across surfaces and from plant to plant.

Automakers also depend on us to make sure their vehicles keep their colorful shine mile after mile. Advancements in corrosion-fighting undercoats and innovations such as our CeramiClear® clearcoat set new standards for mar- and scratch-resistance in the industry.

Refinishers live by our waterborne refinish coatings and our ability to color-match with precision every time. Collision shops and fleet maintenance operations rely on PPG color expertise to help them restore a vehicle’s finish. Utilizing the latest color-matching tools and our premium quality paint systems, refinishers are assured of accurate color matches, time after time.

Driving the industry toward efficiency and environmental responsibility.

At PPG, we understand the industry’s cost drivers, so we help automakers streamline the assembly plant painting process in ways that can reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. At the same time, we continue to create new eco-friendly coatings technologies such as our waterborne basecoat and powder coatings. These innovations contribute to a healthier, greener environment without sacrificing appearance and color flexibility. In fact, our waterborne refinish systems offer superior color-matching to original finishes and enhance refinisher productivity as well.
To increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions, PPG provides lightweight fiber glass for composite parts, and silicas that reduce the rolling resistance of tires.

Our innovative products and processes are evident in our work with elements for government vehicles that include thermal insulation, fiberglass-reinforced body armor, fire-protective coatings, and new anti-ballistic polymer technology.

Being a partner that goes deep to keep color and cars on the road.

PPG customers benefit from having the right choice of coatings to fit their specific requirements. They also expect and receive a level of service and support that only a world leader can offer. For OEMs, PPG sets the standard for service in application process management, inventory, and procurement management as well as waste management and training. For refinishers, we offer a comprehensive array of product training courses and industry-leading programs designed to help business owners and managers improve the throughput performance and profitability of their operations.
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