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To improve the long-term performance of interior and exterior water tank coatings, we invented an entirely new category.

Periodic blasting and repainting of water tanks and towers requires a huge investment of time and money. That is why local government water systems rely on PPG Protective Coatings for the interior and exterior of potable water tanks.

Our PSX® topcoats have more than a decade of proven performance in countless applications around the globe. Patented PSX 700 coatings combine epoxy corrosion resistance with a urethane topcoat finish that lasts longer, looks better, and makes recoating easier than other topcoats. And now there’s PSX ONE, the next generation in long-lasting siloxane coatings that feature superior color and gloss retention in a single component product.

PPG also provides a full range of tank lining products, such as SIGMAGUARD™ CSF 650, that meets customer and applicator requirements.

Contact us to learn how PPG innovation can help you master the intricacies of even the most complex coatings project.

For assets that must withstand the elements, PPG high performance coatings resist and protect.

Amercoat is a trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Sigma Coatings is a trademark of PPG Coatings Nederland B.V. Six Flags is a trademark of Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.
The Scorcher Roller Coaster at Atlanta’s Six Flags® Theme Park soars 107 feet high and exceeds speeds of 50 mph, challenging thrill-seekers who must ride standing up! Its sheer enormity, constant vibration, and the need for enduring color vibrancy with minimal downtime present a unique coatings challenge, too. PPG is up to the task.

Our AMERCOAT®, SIGMA COATINGS®, and PSX® 700 products for carbon steel structures like this one—as well as bridges, pipelines, and other civil and industrial projects—protect infrastructure, guard against corrosion, and apply more easily, all while providing brilliant aesthetics. At PPG, our deep knowledge base in color means we can also offer our industrial and infrastructure customers color trends forecasting services to best serve their end-user base.

Conquering another unique coatings challenge.

The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge linking Nevada and Arizona is the largest single span concrete arch bridge in the Western hemisphere—and it needed to be coated. PPG was hired to step up to the challenge and we are very proud of the innovative coatings solutions we developed. They not only met the needs of this challenging job, they earned us an industry innovation achievement award. Importantly, we bring the same forward thinking and industry-leading products to any industrial or infrastructure job we undertake—whether it’s for a record-breaking roller coaster or bridge or a water or storage tank.

Bringing integrity beyond the surface.

PPG is also a partner that goes far beyond the surface. We produce the fiber glass in welding blankets, which provides fire resistance and a high strength-to-weight ratio. We have expertise in ambient cure and anti-microbial technology. Also, for the industrial and infrastructure markets, PPG produces Accu-tab® systems for water disinfection and silica thickening agents to improve suspension performance in adhesives, caulks, and sealants.

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