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How to draw even more energy from the sun? The answer is as clear as our remarkable new glass.

At PPG, we’re helping to reduce the cost of solar power and increase the value of solar technology by making the collection of solar energy more efficient. Our latest technology in the photovoltaic market is SOLARPHIRE® PV glass with an advanced anti-reflective coating. It delivers enhanced light transmittance, enabling it to increase solar cell output by three percent or more per module. Solarphire PV/AR glass is just one of our innovative solar energy glass products including the original Solarphire glass formulation, which maximizes the effective service life of solar components.

A clear view toward the future.

The sun offers another renewable form of energy power, and solar energy can be converted into electricity with the help of solar collection. PPG’s specialized glass markedly improves the efficiency of solar panels by allowing them to draw more energy from the sun. PPG also manufactures highly reflective solar mirrors for concentrated solar power production. Over the last two years, PPG introduced seven new SOLARPHIRE® glass products that not only maximize efficiency of solar collection, but set new performance standards in their respective categories.

PPG has also formed the PPG Solar Performance Group to apply our proficiency in glass handling and fabrication as well as our expertise in developing durable, environmentally sensitive protective coatings, adhesives, and sealants—to provide customers with complete solar solutions.

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