Renewable Energy: Wind 


Conquering one of the most hostile natural habitats known to man.

Offshore wind farms are the future of the growing wind energy sector. Ten times farther out than current wind farms, subject to stressful high-wind and corrosive deep-water conditions, they present extreme challenges for protective coatings and structural materials.

PPG is up to the task. Our new INNOFIBER® XM fiber glass composition, with higher tensile modulus, enables the production of longer wind turbine blades that capture more energy. Our SIGMASHIELD™ 880 coating offers enhanced abrasion resistance and extended asset protection, saving time and labor. SIGMASHIELD1200 is a premium solvent-free, epoxy phenolic coating so tough, it was originally designed for ice-going and ice-breaking vessels. And, next-generation AUE series blade coatings combine proven durability and UV-resistance with application efficiency.

Protecting and enhancing the alternative outlook.

The equipment used in developing alternative energy sources frequently endures difficult natural conditions. This can diminish its efficiency and overall productivity. Wind towers, for example, must withstand harsh onshore and offshore climates that can compromise their structural integrity. PPG’s protective coatings offer important benefits: they resist corrosion and prolong the aesthetics of the paint finish, in turn providing direct cost savings by extending durability and equipment life.

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