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PPG IdeaScapes™ is the place to turn when you’re looking for architectural glass, coatings and paint with a track record of proven performance. This comprehensive resource encompasses virtually everything you need for your next building project, from product information and support to technical tools, design and color guides. And, it’s all backed by personalized expertise from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable personnel.

When you’re looking for sustainable glass, coating and paint solutions to bring your building vision to life, count on PPG IdeaScapes. 




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09 91 00 Pittsburgh ® Paints USGBC LEED Paint Specification
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05 05 13 PPG High Performance Metal Coatings AAMA Specifications
09 91 00 Pittsburgh ® Paints, PPG High Performance Coatings Specifications
09 96 00 PPG High Performance Coatings Product Guide Specification
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Project Gallery

PPG Glass, Coatings and Paint are an integral part of our commercial landscape, creating exteriors and interiors of distinction across North America. PPG IdeaScapes helps you manage color across surfaces to achieve your color and design vision. Learn more by exploring our project libraries:  
- Photo Gallery 
- Case Studies

ColorShare Forum
PPG stands alone in our ability to fulfill your design vision.
That’s what the ColorShare Forum is all about.

Explore PPG’s innovative color integration in construction materials that meet both aesthetic and protection needs. Meet with technical experts in the field of color. We offer the expertise to unlock the full potential of your design vision by combining a true, global understanding of color integration for almost any surface imaginable. After all, color integration is our business. 
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