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Whether you're a homeowner who needs the freedom to explore your wildest visions of design or a residential home builder who needs to communicate the vast arrary of choices, our lines of residential paint and glass give you the power to express yourself.  Review the comprehensive list of products and services below, or find your nearest dealer/distributor.

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  Porter ® Paints
  Sun-Proof ®


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  SunClean™ Self-cleaning Windows


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    Now Color has a Voice. YOURS. Pittsburgh Paints ® brings you The Voice of Color ®, a pathway to color-perfect decorating. Each of us has our own personal style; translating that style into room color and decor can be challenging. Now, with Pittsburgh Paints and the new Voice of Color you can decorate with confidence.
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Choosing windows? The decision is an easy one, when you know PPG. We make residential glass to keep you warm on a chilly winter’s night and cool on the hottest day of summer. We use glass technology that increases energy efficiency. And, we even make a glass that cleans itself.  

When choosing glass for your home, choose PPG Performance Glazings.