Unlocking Potential Energy Markets Worldwide


The world runs on energy, and demand is increasing at a rapid pace. Emerging world economies are accelerating demand, putting a strain on existing resources and global energy producers. As world markets seek new sources of energy, energy producers strive for more efficient, cleaner and lower-cost production.

PPG is working to help energy producers meet this challenge with a portfolio of proven products that help power-generating companies improve production efficiency and preserve their investment by making plants and equipment last longer, work better and require lower ongoing maintenance costs, even in some of the world's harshest environments.

PPG has dedicated scientists and technicians from the glass, fiber glass and coatings industries who are focused on the special needs of these markets:



PPG has proven technologies for increasing efficiency and reducing costs for wind power generation. Blades made with fiber glass composites are lightweight and resistant to fatigue. In addition, a complete line of coatings solutions protect blade, tower and metal components on land and sea.

Learn more - visit PPGWind.com.



PPG provides glass and coatings vital to the solar power industry. Metal coatings protect solar collection equipment in the harshest desert environments, and advanced glass products improve the generation efficiency of reflector and photovoltaic panels.  Learn more - visit PPG's Solar Energy website.


Oil and Gas


PPG coatings extend service life and reduce required maintenance for equipment used in onshore and offshore petrochemical markets. Fiber glass reinforced pipe, with its high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, further enhances cost-efficiency. 




With Level I and Level II qualified coatings, Sigma Coatings, Keeler & Long and Amercoat coatings systems protect a range of assets, from nuclear containment structures to transmission towers and substations. Fiber glass components in heat exchangers help extend equipment life by resisting corrosion. 




Through trusted brands such as Sigma Coatings, Amercoat and Keeler & Long, PPG provides coatings systems that protect infrastructure in this demanding industry. Fiber glass is a vital component in air-filtration equipment and can be used in corrosion-resistant pipe. Fiber glass also can produce significant cost savings and environmental benefits when used in stack linings.



PPG's Commitment to Energy and the Environment

PPG's technological leadership in the glass, fiber glass and coatings industries is the result of a long-standing commitment to research and development. In 2007, PPG invested more than $300 million throughout its global technology arm to develop the next generation of innovations for the energy and other industries.

In addition to helping energy producers lower cost and improve their efficiency in the generation of power, PPG low-e glasses and reflective metal coatings can have a dramatic effect in lowering the amount of energy needed to heat and cool thousands of commercial buildings and homes around the world. Other PPG technologies, such as air-cured coatings, can also help manufacturers of industrial and consumer products reduce their own energy consumption.

While helping others reduce energy, PPG has committed to reducing its own total energy intensity by 25 percent and its total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 10 percent from 2006 to 2016. Air quality and water usage also are monitored and targeted for improvement.

Visit PPG's Ecological Solutions website to learn more about our corporate commitment to energy and the environment.


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