High-Performance Coatings for Solar Components

PPG has a long history in the glass business, but it also has emerged over the past several decades as one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of industrial coatings. The company’s extensive collection of Coraflon and Duranar coatings have a proven 40-year history of protecting metal building components, solar cell framing and other aluminum and steel components from damage caused by constant exposure to wind, sun, rain, heat and cold.  These products, which are available in both liquid and powder formulations, help protect the environment by extending the service life of solar components.

Coraflon ADS - Coraflon ADS coatings are a breakthrough field applied coating optimal for building restoration, Metal restoration, and other large surface applications, and is an excellent choice to restore weathered metal building panels and accents. Coraflon ADS technology offers unsurpassed color retention, chalk resistance and can even be backed by warranties from PPG, a company that you can trust. LEarn more - visit www.coraflon.com for product details.

Duranar Coatings - Liquid or Powder, Duranar Always Makes a Lasting Impression. Duranar coatings have become recognized as the industry standard for exterior fluoropolymer coatings, thanks primarily to the product’s unmatched durability as well as the accentuated level of color-making and color-matching expertise offered by PPG. The combination of beauty and protection, backed by more than 40 years of proven performance on buildings of every type in every climate makes Duranar coatings a superior choice for building owners and architects. Learn more - visit PPG Ideascapes for complete product details.

Coraflon and Duranar are trademarks of PPG Industries.