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Safety and Health - Injury and Illness Prevention

It is a PPG value to provide employees with an injury free career, one day at a time. PPG's goal is to prevent injuries and illnesses through the implementation of effective safety and health programs. PPG's focus is on continuous workplace safety improvement through management leadership and employee involvement.

PPG’s risk reduction efforts include:
  • Top management, active leadership, involvement, and accountability at all levels and at all locations.
  • Effective, functioning EHS Leadership Teams develop and implement safety processes customized to the specific risks associated with their operations.
  • Significant employee accountability and involvement in facility EHS Leadership teams, behavioral based safety processes, ergonomics teams, training, and a variety of other safety focus teams.
  • Comprehensive employee communication and training for risk awareness and safe work practices. Established clear definition of global safety requirements and strategies to reduce risk.
  • Comprehensive reporting, investigation, analysis, and communication of incidents and near miss events through a global reporting system.
  • Implementation of a global corrective action tracking system.
  • Comprehensive hazard recognition and control processes at all locations.
  • Tracking of metrics that center on upstream risk identification as well as downstream results to improve reduction efforts.

PPG Corporate Injury & Illness Case

PPG Corporate Injury & Illness Severity

In 2000, PPG implemented the PPG Injury & Illness Case metric, an internal system for defining and measuring global safety performance. This system, developed by applying Sigma Logic® methodology to safety performance, focuses on reducing the risk that results in the most significant injuries and illnesses in the corporation. It defines uniform global reporting requirements and more precisely measures work related injury and illness. Dramatic safety improvements have been seen across PPG.
Not only have the number of PPG Injury & Illness Cases globally been reduced significantly, the severity of the cases that have occurred has also been reduced. PPG calculates the Severity Rate as number of lost work days (including restricted activity days and days away from work) per 100 employees per year.

Recent highlights from PPG’s Injury and Illness Prevention efforts:


  • From 1999 through 2009, PPG’s injury rate has dropped by over 70%. This is a reduction of over 197 cases per year.
  • PPG estimates that, based on improvements from the 1999 baseline, its risk reduction efforts have resulted in preventing over 2,000 PPG Injury & Illness Cases globally.
  • Through aggressive risk reduction and disability management, PPG has achieved a 26% reduction in costs associated with workplace injuries in the last two years.


OSHA Recordable Case Rate

PPG Safety Performance
By focusing on risk reduction initiatives, the overall rate of injuries in the USA, as measured by the OSHA Recordable Case Rate, has dropped by 56% from 5.9 in 1999 to a rate of 2.6 in 2009. That means that in 2009, more than 600 fewer OSHA injuries occurred than in 1999, considering the difference in total hours worked.
PPG's safety performance is favorable in comparison to other industries with similar risks.