Sustainability at PPG

Environment, Health and Safety

PPG is committed to operating in a manner that is protective of people and the environment. PPG regularly evaluates business risks as they become known and quantifiable, including climate change. The company recognizes the importance of providing products that meet the needs of markets in the context of climate change and increased energy cost, as well as enabling the overall benefit of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas generation. PPG is a major supplier of coatings, glass and fiber glass products that enhance energy efficiency or are used in alternative energy technologies such as solar or wind power generation.

With continuous improvement as a core value, the company is focused on capturing and proactively using data to promote stewardship and conservation. PPG regularly updates its management practices to meet increasingly strict regulations.

In addition, PPG actively participates in the legislative and regulatory process regarding a number of important energy and environmental issues. PPG monitors legislative and regulatory activity and manages the associated costs of complying with new regulations. PPG also supports policies related to “green” building, wind and solar energy, responsible exploration and development of onshore/offshore energy resources, and the appropriate level of local, regional and federal government involvement.

EHS Policy and the EHS Management System
Central to PPG’s focus on energy and the environment is its EHS Policy. The policy provides the guidelines under which PPG markets, distributes and manufactures products globally in a responsible manner that protects employees, neighbors, customers and the environment. The EHS Policy is implemented through the EHS Management System, a global system that ensures consistent presentation and execution of EHS goals and strategies across all businesses worldwide.

Key features of the EHS Management System include the following:
  • Providing prioritization tools for the most effective use of PPG’s resources
  • Establishing consistency in EHS performance through the use of a common language and sharing of successful systems and practices
  • Ensuring continuity of EHS implementation across facilities and regions
  • Maintaining accountability for EHS performance across all levels of the company Driving performance improvements across the organization

The EHS Management System is integrated into each of PPG’s businesses. The system consists of 12 elements. Each element, in turn, contains underlying principles and a description of PPG’s expectations of its business operations. (Click image to enlarge.)

PPG’s EHS Policy incorporates the elements of several voluntary global industry initiatives, including Responsible Care® and Coatings Care®, which help companies manage safe and environmentally responsible practices in the chemicals and coatings industries. At 37 facilities, PPG has received ISO 14001:2004 certification., click here for a full list of certified facilities.

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