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Supply Chain - Supply Chain Stewardship

PPG’s Global Supply Chain Stewardship Group provides safety and compliance leadership to more than 1200 shipping locations worldwide.

  • Global Supply Chain Management Practices are established, where necessary, to augment or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Training and development of PPG transportation stewards throughout the world is a priority. For example, multi-day professional development workshops are held annually for transportation associates in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.
  • PPG participates proactively in the global transportation regulatory process:
    • Global regulations and industry practices regarding transportation security have been implemented and new security threats or initiatives are closely monitored.
    • A process for reporting and investigating transportation incidents globally is in the process of being implemented. Incident data will be used for future performance metrics.
    • A global compliance assurance program is in place to monitor supply chain compliance.
  • Global customers require global solutions from their suppliers. Requests to ship any product, anywhere in the world, are not uncommon. PPG continues tracking and implementation of complex and ever-changing global regulations.
  • The limited availability of supply chain regulations and regulatory expertise in some emerging markets requires PPG to supplement these areas with internal stewardship requirements and localized training. Regional professional development workshops are conducted routinely to communicate requirements and improve local expertise.
  • Global concerns regarding transport security have led to the evolution of numerous security regulations and industry practices worldwide. PPG continues to integrate these practices into daily shipping operations.