Sustainability at PPG

Awards and Recognition

Following are illustrative examples of awards and recognition received by PPG since the publication of its 2010 Corporate Sustainability Report - CLICK HERE to view the full list of Corporate Sustainability Reports available.

European Union Ecolabel Communication Award 2011

The European Commission awarded PPG Johnstone’s® trade paint the EU Ecolabel Communication Award 2011. This recognized the communications that the Johnstone’s team carried out with the launch of the Ecological Solutions from PPG™ branding on trade paint products. The products launched under the branding having passed the stringent environmental testing required to achieve the European Ecolabel mark.

U.S. Department of Energy

PPG received a $3.1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the development of glass coatings technology that will enable performance gains in power-generating photovoltaic fields. These fields are expected to have a power-producing lifetime of 30 or more years, helping to reduce U.S. reliance on foreign fossil fuels, improve national security and protect the environment.

Tianjin TEDA Environmental Protection Bureau

PPG’s Tianjin, China, coatings facility earned “Outstanding Enterprise with Environmental Excellence” recognition for the 2010-2011 year from the Tianjin TEDA Environmental Protection Bureau. This honor acknowledges the site’s public disclosure of environmental information for three years, promotion of corporate social responsibility programs among other enterprises in TEDA, and full support for the establishment of a regional environmental protection mechanism.

Rexam PLC - "Supplier of the Year" and “Supply Chain Excellence” Award
PPG’s packaging coatings business in South America earned two of the top four supplier awards bestowed by Rexam PLC, a leading global consumer packaging and beverage-can manufacturer.

PPG was named the “Supplier of the Year” and also winner of an award for “Supply Chain Excellence.” The award criteria included overall performance, quality, cost, supply and innovation, according to Rexam. PPG has packaging coatings manufacturing facilities at Cajamar and Sumaré, Brazil. PPG’s award-winning performance for Rexam in Argentina, Brazil and Chile includes an on-time-in-full delivery record of 97 percent; development of a new over-varnish technology for aluminum cans that provides faster curing and reduced costs by decreasing natural gas consumption; and high levels of customer service and flexible manufacturing to serve emergency supply requests.

Rexam produces 60 billion cans each year mainly for Europe, the United States and South America.