Sustainability at PPG

Community and Social Responsibility

PPG seeks to enhance the quality of life wherever the company has a presence throughout the world. Through its corporate foundation and global charitable contributions program as well as a wide range of local giving and volunteer programs, PPG provides support to projects that reflect the interests and values of the company and its employees. The company assesses the effects it has on the communities in which it operates, as well as the needs it can help meet.
Bringing Positive Impact to Our Communities

As part of its mission to engage with the communities where its employees live and work, PPG encourages employees’ volunteerism, including executives’ involvement, with nonprofit organizations. In 2010, members of PPG’s Operating Committee, including the CEO, served on more than a dozen nonprofit boards throughout the United States. These include the boards of Carnegie Science Center, Kettering University, Miami University’s School of Business, Prevent Blindness America and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Numerous other PPG employees also serve on boards of regional chapters of organizations such as United Way and Junior Achievement and volunteer their time and energy in support of projects that benefit their communities.

PPG Industries Foundation
For the last 60 years, the PPG Industries Foundation has supported efforts that advance education, human services, culture and arts, and civic and community affairs in PPG communities. Learn more about the PPG Industries foundation - (CLICK HERE to visit the website. 

Global Charitable Contributions Program
PPG has committed to expanding its charitable contributions' global reach and geographic participation by dedicating a global charitable contributions program budget to support projects in the Asia/Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. A Global Distribution Committee manages these funds at the corporate level, and it will direct resources based on local priorities and areas where organizations can have the greatest impact. Learn more about the Global Charitable Contributions Program - (CLICK HERE to visit the website. )

PPG establishes a partnership with the Geneva-based "Paint a Smile Foundation”

PPG will help support and promote the non-profit organization’s work of painting colorful murals that brighten hospitals and other care facilities. Furthermore, PPG will provide funding for two projects in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region in 2012.

Paint a Smile's mission, according to founder and President Laura Cotton, is to reduce patient anxiety and make hospitals and other care facilities more friendly places by turning “cold and impersonal environments into colorful and welcoming worlds.” She said teams of professional “Smile Painters” collaborate with facility personnel to create appropriate themes for patients – whether children or elderly – and transform bare environments into soothing, playful and interactive ones.

Since its founding in 2000, Paint a Smile has decorated more than 150 facilities in 15 countries. “The world of colors is at the heart of our mission,” Cotton said. “With PPG and Paint a Smile joining forces, our shared understanding of the multiple uses of color will enable us to help touch more lives and make a stronger difference. We are honored to commence this long road together.”

Viktor Sekmakas, PPG senior vice president, industrial coatings, and president, PPG Europe, said, “PPG always looks to support organizations and initiatives that reflect our corporate values and help enhance the quality of life in communities around the world. We are delighted to contribute to Paint a Smile’s unique work of bringing color and vibrancy into what are often stark and unwelcoming environments by painting scenes and characters for patients and staff members to enjoy.”

About Paint a Smile Foundation: Paint a Smile Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Geneva whose mission is to reduce anxiety and make hospitals more cheerful and friendly by permanently turning cold and impersonal environments into colourful and welcoming worlds. It trains teams of professional “Smile Painters” and sends them around the world to decorate bare white walls and transform them into landscapes of dreams and fantasy. For more information, visit their web site - paintasmile.org