Worldwide Locations - Europe, Middle East and Africa 

PPG Industries operates the following manufacturing locations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
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Belgium Deurne (Coatings)

Mechelen (Coatings)
Cameroon Doula-Massa (Coatings)
Czech Republic Brasy - Primalex a.s. (Coatings)
Denmark Soborg (Coatings)
France  Albi (Coatings)   
Genlis (Coatings)
Gonfreville L'Orcher (Coatings)
Marly (Coatings Research)
Moreuil (Coatings)
  Ruitz (Coatings and Research and Development) 
Saultain (Coatings)
Sermamagny (Research and Development)
Germany Bochum (Coatings)
Bodelshausen (Coatings)
Ingersheim (Coatings Technical Center)
Weingarten (Coatings)
Wuppertal (Coatings)
Hungary Budapest (Coatings)
Ireland Tuam - County Galway (Transitions Optical)
Italy Caivano (Coatings)
Casaletto Vaprio (Aerospace)
Cavallirio (Coatings)
Felizzano (Powder Coatings)
Milan (Coatings)
Quattordio (Coatings)
  Tradate (Coatings)  
Ivory Coast Abidjan (Coatings)
Netherlands Amsterdam (Coatings)
Delfzijl (Silicas)
Den Bosch - PPG B.V. (Coatings)
Hoogezand (Fiber Glass)
Tiel (Coatings)
Uithoorn (Coatings)
Veenendaal (Coatings)
Poland Cieszyn (Coatings)
  Ostrow (Coatings)  
Wroclaw (Coatings)
Portugal Sacavém (Coatings)
  Palmela (Coatings) 
Reunion Island Saint Clotilde (Coatings)
Saudi Arabia Dammam (Coatings)
Senegal Dakar (Coatings)
Slovenia Domzale (Coatings)
South Africa Alberton (Coatings)
Spain Rubi/Barcelona (Packaging Coatings)
Valencia (Coatings)
Valladolid (Coatings)
Suriname Paramaribo (Coatings)
Switzerland Rolle (PPG Industries Europe Sàrl - PPG Europe Headquarters)
Burgdorf (Coatings)
Turkey Bursa (Coatings)
United Kingdom Birstall (Coatings)
Morley (Coatings)
Shildon (Aerospace Coatings & Sealants)
Silvertown (Coatings Research)
Stowmarket (Automotive Refinish)
Wigan (Fiber Glass)