PPG Fiber Glass - INNOFIBER CR Fiber Glass 



INNOFIBER CR fiber glass is a boron-free modified E-Glass composition that is engineered to enhance the performance of composites in corrosive environments. By modifying the fiber glass chemistry, the corrosion resistance to acid is improved.
  • Cost effective alternative to various materials including steel, carbon fiber, and metal alloy
Specifying INNOFIBER CR fiber glass with PPG’s proprietary sizing chemistry as found on HYBON® rovings ensure the protection of assets in environments that are exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Outperforms standard E-Glass in harsh conditions, such as acid and chemical attack
  • Compatible with multiple thermoset and thermoplastic resins
  • Long-term durability for high cost investment projects
  • Meets ASTM D 578 and ISO 2078 standards for E-CR Glass, while still meeting the standards of E-Glass
  • Unlimited flexibility and variability for shape requirements
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