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Multi-End Roving

PPG multi-end rovings can be used in applications such as weaving, knitting, filament winding and pultrusion. Also, multi-end rovings can be texturized to fill product gaps where mat cannot provide appropriate characteristics.

1062 Roving
1064 Roving
1712 Roving
5509 Roving
5530 Roving
5545 Roving
6000 Roving
6313 Roving
PREFORMANCE™ Preform Roving

Spanish, Mexico Translation
1062 Roving
1064 Roving
1712 Roving

Chopped-Strand Mat

Chopped-strand mat is used in hand lay-up processes and panel molding, typically for the manufacture of boats, bathtubs or showers and laminates. It consists of short strands of fiber, randomly oriented and bonded together using either a powder or emulsion binder.

Chopped Strand Mat M2
Chopped Strand Mat 79
Chopped Strand Mat 92

Continuous-Strand Mat

A reinforcing mat composed of multiple layers of continuous strands that are randomly oriented and bound together. The random nature of the reinforcing strands provide excellent random-direction mechanical properties.

MATVANTAGE®II Continuous Strand Mat

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