PPG Silica Products for Industrial Rubber Goods 

PPG offers a wide variety of precipitated silica products that are specifically designed for the industrial rubber industry. Our Hi-Sil™, Silene™ and Ciptane™ silicas are reinforcing synthetic, hydrophilic, and amorphous silica products that provide strength and durability in various types of applications.

PPG Silica Products are used to:

  • Improve heat resistance and tear strength that extend fatigue life in industrial belts and hoses
  • Enhance adhesion in wire and fabric coat compounds
  • Allow for rapid and easy processing to produce smooth finished surfaces in molded and extruded products.

Our products are non-black reinforcing fillers designed for white and colored compounding and can be used as either the sole reinforcing filler or in combination with carbon black. In specialty elastomers, Hi-Sil silicas maintain product integrity in extreme long-term heat.

Hi-Sil, Silene and Ciptane silicas are available in powder, pellet, granule, and micro-granular forms to fit your manufacturing requirements. They may be selected in various particle sizes and/or with a mercapto-silane treatment to yield the optimum balance between reinforcing and processing properties.

Application areas for precipitated silica include:

  • Pneumatic tires
  • Footwear and soling
  • Elastic thread
  • Rubber roofing and pond liners
  • Silicone key pads
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Rubber covered rolls
  • Auto belts and hoses
  • Floor tiles and molding

Available Literature:

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