PPG Silica Products for the Tire Industry 

Adding improved performance and increased structural integrity to tires for every type of vehicle, both on and off the road, PPG offers a full line of precipitated silicas designed specifically for tire applications.

Agilon™ 400 Performance Silica for Tires

Supporting the tire industry’s need for safer, more environmentally responsible products, Agilon 400 performance silica for tires is the first commercially available product from the patented Agilon performance silicas platform of chemically modified precipitated silicas. Agilon 400 drives top-line results through improved tire performance and streamlines the manufacturing process for bottom-line cost savings.

Agilon 400 Performance Silica Benefits

  • Enables tire makers to develop new and differentiated technology
  • Improves tire performance (rolling resistance, handling and traction)
  • Reduces VOC emissions for a more environmentally-responsible manufacturing process
  • Increases production efficiencies by eliminating the silica/silane mixing step
  • Enables high-temperature mixing without increasing viscosity or causing premature vulcanization
  • Eliminates extrusion inefficiencies due to porosity concerns
  • Improves shelf life of uncured rubber

To learn more or to request samples of Agilon silica, please send your inquiry to our customer service team.

Hi-Sil™ and Ciptane™ Silicas

Our Hi-Sil™ and Ciptane™ silicas are used to alter the properties of the tread compound, usually in combination with silane coupling agents, to improve rolling resistance, wet traction and other dynamic properties. Our products are also used to promote adhesion to brass coated wire and fabric cord, to alter stiffness in the bead area, and to reduce the tendency for "chunk out" of off-road tire treads.

Hi-Sil Benefits

  • Traction / Rolling Resistance - Alter the dynamic properties of the tread compound, usually in combination with appropriate polymers and silane coupling agents, for increased traction and/or reduced rolling resistance (better fuel economy) in high performance passenger tires.
  • Adhesion - Increase adhesion to brass-coated wire and fabric cord, alone or as part of a bonding system, to improve composite adhesive properties of various tire components such as the steel belt, belt edge, carass plies, and bead insulation
  • Stiffness - Alter stiffness in the bead area for improved sealing and in the lower sidewall for more responsive handling
  • Tear Resistance - Improves compound tear resistance, reducing the tendency for "chunk out" of off-road tire treads

Available Literature:

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Low-Rolling Resistance Tire Silica