Responsible Care 

PPG Industries is committed to assuring that its products are developed, produced, distributed, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner, as well as dedicated to advise and train our customers on their safe use and handling. The health and safety of our employees, customers and the public during the production, handling, use, transportation or disposal of chemicals is one of our highest priorities.

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Using Teslin Substrate Safely

While all grades of Teslin substrate products present no known health hazards, to assure on-the-job safety and minimize health risks, be sure to follow all applicable safety and health precautions for using Teslin substrate. All the information necessary for the safe handling, storage and use of Teslin substrate can be found on product labels and on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

You can access the MSDS for Teslin by to going to PPG’s MSDS website, typing TESLIN in the name field, then clicking the Submit button.

Teslin Substrate and the Environment

All grades of Teslin substrate are continuous, homogeneous materials composed of polyethylene and inert fillers formed into a sheet with 65% microporous void structure. While Teslin substrate is a recyclable plastic material and is not considered biodegradable; it contributes to environmental stewardship by enabling our customers to produce durable products which conserve resources. Additionally, all grades of Teslin substrate are manufactured under strict corporate guidelines for environmental compliance and waste minimization.