Teslin Security-Grade Substrate

Teslin Security-Grade substrates, building from inherent tamper-resistance and tamper-evidence benefits, advance the security features available in cards and documents while potentially reducing per unit construction costs and simplifying processing.

  • Security features are embedded within substrate during production, preventing them from being accessed or tampered with on the surface
  • Specific security requirements based on substrate features simplifies credential processing
  • Multiple features within substrate may eliminate need for additional covert and forensic elements
  • Pre-qualification of select overt features
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Sold only direct from PPG under security contract
  • Raw materials, fabricated product, waste and trim are all secured
  • Produced to unique customer specifications
Typical Applications
  • Security cards, credentials and documents
  • Secure RFID tags and labels for tracking, tracing and locating
  • Product brand authentication
Teslin Security-Grade substrates are available in all standard thickness gauge materials from 6 mils/152 microns to 18 mils/457 microns and in rolls or sheets.

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Covert Customization Offerings





Ultra-Violet (UV) - Visible Fluorescence
- Visible Phosphorescence
- UV Light Source - Multiple Colors and
color combination
- Level of dispersion

Infra-Red (IR) - Visible
- Up-Converting
- IR Laser Pen
- Audible IR Detector
- Multiple colors and
color combination
- Level of dispersion

Infra-Red (IR) - IR to IR (Non- Visible
- Audible IR Detector

Forensic Customization Offerings





- Physically Unique Materials - 50X Optical Microscope

- ColorsCode
- Level of Shape
- Micro-Image

- Chemically Unique Materials - SEM, EDX, Other Analyses - Various Elemental Signatures
- Infra-Red to Infra-Red - Audible IR Detector

- Generic Response

- Specific Wavelength Response