Product Offerings 


Differentiating Teslin substrate from other synthetic materials—and the key to many performance benefits—is a unique microporous structure that makes the substrate lightweight but strong and enables it to absorb and breathe while providing insulation and cushioning.

Teslin substrate offers properties and benefits that enable our customers to develop end-use products with an competitive edge. Teslin substrate is available in a comprehensive range of product grades to help our customers meet their specific needs for processability, durability, appearance, flexibility and economic advantages.
  Teslin SP (Synthetic Printing) substrate – Our standard product.
  Teslin TS (Thermally Stabilized) substrate  – provides greater resistant to shrinkage when exposed to elevated temperatures.
  Teslin SPID substrate – Coated to enhance transport properties in xerographic processes and enhance thermal stability.
  Teslin HD (High Density) substrate  – Higher density offers greater stiffness and tear-resistance.
  Teslin Digital substrate  – Developed for Indigo®, Omnius® and Xeikon® digital printing.
  Teslin IJ substrate  – Coated for ink jet applications requiring waterproof durability.
  Teslin Security-Grade substrate – Incorporates customized covert and/or forensic security features during production; secure supply chain.
   – Teslin Biodegradable substrate –  An environmentally-responsible grade that enables green performance without sacrificing the durability, print ease and quality, thermal stability and built-in security of standard Teslin substrate.
   –  Teslin Food-Grade substrate – Engineered for labeling and packaging applications requiring food contact compliance.
   – Lumit™ digital paper – Setting an industry standard for print clarity, durability and thickness, format and size options, Lumit™ digital paper from PPG industries is a polyester-based synthetic print sheet optimized for high-heat, dry-toner laser-print applications.