Teslin TS (Thermally Stabilized) Substrate

Teslin TS substrate features the same unique characteristics of Teslin SP substrate – printable, durable, secure and adaptable – with an added emphasis on heat stability. Teslin TS substrate is thermally stabilized, making it more resistant to shrinkage when exposed to elevated temperatures.

Teslin TS substrate works best in applications that involve preprinted, fixed graphics before the material is laser printed with variable information. Preprinted graphics improve the sheet-to-sheet slip in the feed tray of laser printers.

The ability to first offset or flexo print fixed information, then later laser print variable information, makes Teslin TS substrate perfect for a wide range of applications including: identification cards, licenses, travel documents, tags, labels, manuals, price sheets, maps, charts and other demanding applications.

  • Prints and fabricates like paper
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Chemical- and abrasion-resistant
  • Tear-resistant
  • Compatible with conventional and electronic printing processes
(PPG does not warranty suitability for any specific machine)
  • Rapid work & turn for sheet-fed offset printers
  • Durable image
  • Lasting impressions
  • Ability to withstand rugged treatment
  • Fixed graphics can be applied by conventional offset lithography, and variable data input by laser printers  
Teslin TS substrate is available in 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mil thicknesses.
Teslin TS substrate is available in both sheets and rolls.

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